Volvo Trucks: New technology prevents accidents by making trucks “more human”

Without doubt, that’s the slogan of the surely beautifully designed Robocalypse: “We (the robots, AI’s & the IoT) make your world a safer place by making it more human.”

Nevertheless, this predictive tech is impressive & should be mandatory for all cars in urban areas, especially Berlin.

Volvo Trucks has developed new technology that can do a 360 degree scan of its surroundings and suggest actions to avoid incidents. The technology is developed specifically to protect vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists.

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Physical Telepresence from Tangible Media Group on Vimeo.

Physical telepresence: shape capture and display for embodied, computer-mediated remote collaboration.



Tangible Augmented Reality Action Figure

Articulate figurine frame featuring many AR code points can alter poses of virtual models, put together by Alcyone - video embedded below (in Japanese):



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未来生活动进行时:  如何过上城市”低碳生活”? ——看欧洲城市打造数字节能之都

未来生活进行时: 普适计算的完美阴谋”——人机合一无处不在的数字未来

On what is ubiquitous computing, and what it means to our life

Ph: 6 to 5 years ago, we used AR for military application (on site training) and manufacturing process (maintenance, assembly,…). Since 5 to 4 years, we are using AR in marketing campaign fir On Stage Show, exhibition, online campaign and mobile marketing activation. Thanks to the interactivty of AR, it lets user engage and interact directly with the brand, increasing emotional attachment to the product. A consumer has 90% chance to buy the product if he have it in his hand for more than 30 secondes. This is exactly what we are providing with AR in Store. We generate an uplift of 400% by using AR in Store.
People always want to be part of the story, and it’s what AR can bring. But it’s still not mainstream at that moment. To be mainstream, we need to create a B2C offer. , New devices with powerful features open new opportunity for AR on the B2C market. We are already working with some major hardware companies to implement AR into the mobile, so changing it from software to be embedded and ready-to-use in hardware.
Ph: Revolution will happen when it comes to the hardware. We can imagine in a near future to have light eyewear or lens which display information on top of it. This kind of hardware will definitely open the door to huge potential of usage like self navigation, get information on a product or a person as soon you look at it/him visualize the social profile of a person… AR is using the video camera as a sensor in order to recognize and track the environment. As soon as you add a new sensor to a device like a mobile phone, you open the way for new application using this new sensor. Look at the number of disruptive application using the compass of the iPhone today. Cameras are becoming as important as the compass or GPS in your smartphone. . Marketing usage of AR may fade out or become out-dated fashion later, but the e-commerce/m-commerce usage will be a new start. Involving to the purchasing process is a way to influence everyone’s daily life; user shopping experience may also changes in someday.
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Rethink the ideal future of human interaction Technology and the path to realization

—— ONE DRIVEN BY HUMANISTIC motivation more than by narrow applications

The sayings are semantic web, ubiquitous web, real time web, internet of things, linked data, web 3D, Internet 3.0, artificial intelligence, singularity⋯⋯But that’s not all about The Web3,0. It is the next evolution of iNTERNET with a breakthrough.